39 Weeks: Are we there Yet???

I’m a balloon and crave labor pain. I wake up every half hour to go pee, or rather feeling like I have to go! My whole body aches and for some reason I can’t keep mentioning it. 😛 Today I have a doctor visit…so hoping she tells me that the baby’s arrival is imminent. Of […]

36 Weeks: Psyching up for Delivery!

Space is getting cramped; your baby’s growth slows down considerably from now on. This month baby’s weight increase will be about 25% only. For example baby will weigh about 6lbs (2.75kg) and measure about 21in (46cm) or 34cm (13½ in) from crown to rump at the start of the month (currently) but by the time […]

Week 34 Developments

The weekly update that I receive in my email says for the thirty fourth week: My favorite part was of course the part about the lung development being close to ready for real life! I feel now I can safely start on the heavy house cleaning that I want to get out of the way before […]

33 Weeks with Koen

I have a lot to say about this week–and if you’re someone that I talk to all the time you know about the worries that I’ve been having. It’s been a worry over possibly going into labor before the time is right. The past two days I haven’t had any signs of trouble, it was […]

An Expensive Diaper Bag

Having our third child on the way has made Darren and I think about purchasing a van. We both agree that the coolest thing ever would be to own a VW Eurovan. It would comfortably seat the crew (that we hope will include up to five children within the next few years) for shopping trips, weekly […]

Sweet big brother

Diederick with 2-week-old cousin Claire. Tonight when I asked Diederick what he wanted to pray for he told me that he’d like to pray that, “Baby Koen have a good birthday coming soon.” Auntie Lyd just had her 16th birthday. Deeder loves birthdays and is always eager to know who has the next birthday. The first […]

Koen doesn’t get nearly enough writing done about him by this momma but is he ever anticipated! He’s going to fit in just right… Our little boy is so active, kicking and squiggling responding now to sounds that he catches from the world around him. He’ll know his older brother and sis when he arrives […]

Nearly 29 Weeks

We can hardly believe how time is marching on. The days in and out blur together in my busy stay-at-home life with my two kids that are already here and little Koen kicking around inside my ever growing middle. Daily I pray for his continued healthy development and am imagining what he’ll look like. Right […]

27 Weeks

Big brother Diederick got to see Koen kicking, or moving around in some quite obvious way, last night and thought that it was really cool. On Thursday I had a check up and am in perfect health. Good blood pressure, weight’s okay (12 lb gain in 3 months) and happy results on my Lamictal level […]

97 Days Left

Koen’s growing so quickly! I can feel and see his movements, my movements are already increasing in limitations. I’m looking and feeling full of baby and so busy with my two kids who are already here. This morning I’m posting a couple pictures that I took yesterday before cleaning the bathroom (notice the messy mirror!) […]