97 Days Left

Koen’s growing so quickly! I can feel and see his movements, my movements are already increasing in limitations. I’m looking and feeling full of baby and so busy with my two kids who are already here.

This morning I’m posting a couple pictures that I took yesterday before cleaning the bathroom (notice the messy mirror!) when we were all in the bathroom. Carly was just about to hop the the tub and Deeder was on the potty.




I love writing out and typing Koen’s name–right now I’m absolutely and fully in love with him, looking forward to meeting him and bringing him home in due time. He’ll complete us, even more than Carly did when she came along.

Having a baby is an amazing moment, painful yes, but incredible. People joke that the baby will be a day late and forever mark him as a Halloween child.

So far, I’ve never landed on the exact date, hopefully this wont be an exception!

Our family at the moment:


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