Nearly 29 Weeks

We can hardly believe how time is marching on. The days in and out blur together in my busy stay-at-home life with my two kids that are already here and little Koen kicking around inside my ever growing middle.

Daily I pray for his continued healthy development and am imagining what he’ll look like. Right now I’m thinking he’ll come with curly dark hair, perhaps weighing in at a little over seven pounds. Carly was born at 37 weeks and Diederick came in late at 41 weeks gestation, I guess that Koen will be just between that.

Of course I can’t help but think about what premature birth would be like. Not that it’s likely but how hard it would be he’d look like this

and he’d live, possibly. Inside Mommy is the best place to be for many more weeks.

At any rate, I’m excited and I think everyone else close to us is too. 🙂

28 Weeks and 4 Days. 80 Days to Go!

Notice that I look in the mirror and weigh myself far less than I used to? It’s good to be to busy for that really. 😛

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