An Expensive Diaper Bag

Having our third child on the way has made Darren and I think about purchasing a van. We both agree that the coolest thing ever would be to own a VW Eurovan. It would comfortably seat the crew (that we hope will include up to five children within the next few years) for shopping trips, weekly church service attendance and yearly drives to Jamestown, ND.

Check out this ride that just appeared on Craigslist.org:


I especially love the photo of the back seats! It’d be like riding in a playhouse. 🙂

Darren says that VWs are expensive to maintain but lots of fun to drive–plus they look nice and sleep pretty good too. I’m going to show this to him as soon as he wakes up, maybe even before!

The sad reality though is that we have SO many things that we could spend that kind of money on.

The guy selling it is asking $16000.

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