36 Weeks: Psyching up for Delivery!

Space is getting cramped; your baby’s growth slows down considerably from now on.

This month baby’s weight increase will be about 25% only. For example baby will weigh about 6lbs (2.75kg) and measure about 21in (46cm) or 34cm (13½ in) from crown to rump at the start of the month (currently) but by the time you deliver, its weight and length will be 7.5lbs and 21½in. This applies to an average sized baby; some babies will be smaller and others bigger. Around this time your baby is still growing and there should be no problem if it is born any time from now on.

The lungs are maturing, a process which will continue after the birth. Since it is less roomy in the uterus, your baby cannot move much so you are unlikely to feel as many kicks and elbows.


My bag is packed (with the exception of travel size toothpaste and shampoo) and I have Carly’s bag ready too–she gets to stay with friends who live pretty close to the hospital, I’m so tahnkful that they said they’d take her! With my Deeder delivery I packed all sorts of thinkgs that I never even ended up using and forgot cloths for me to wear home…it was a little embarrasing to walk out in dried on blood on my jammy pants and a wrinkly t-shirt.

I know it sounds a little early to be packing bags, but with my history I imagine that I could go anytime and would rather be a bit of an alarmist than be cutting it short.

Koen’s moving around so much, which is really cool and I’m guessing that he’ll measure in longer than his brother and sister did…I never felt their feet up in my ribs and he’s certainly up there, but on the other hand my belly doesn’t look quite the size that it did with my other pregnancies.
It’s fun to imagine what he’ll look like, unpack those little clothes and count the days until delivery day. It’s October already, ladies! Totally count down time!!

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